Ujin Ray – Ritual EP (Part 1)

Night Noise brings us another fantastic release via Ujin Ray’s 1st release on the label ‘ Ritual’ .

Meet Ujin;  Born in 1988 and raised in Tbilisi, Georgia. Now based in the Mecca of Berlin, he joined the NightNoise family late 2015.He loves spending time in the studio, creating sounds, sampling drums off random disco and electro records from he 70’s and 80’s. All in the pursuit of a different sound, something unique and extraordinary


EP Review ( Part 1 of 4 )

The scene shows four images looking at each other. Each side of the crystal claiming to be the source of the reflection. Some affirm neither of them are real, others prefer them as analogies of the conscious-subconscious dichotomy. Who knows, actually, whether the mighty divinity finds them equal. At the end, who’ll be there to judge?

Ritual – Original

Tribal muted drums performing the ritual of the passing of time. A compelling journey to an Utopian land of the imaginary. The change, the transmutation, welcomed by the mechanical. Perseus first flight on the back of the mythical Pegasus, one without destination, of wandering, of freedom, where he became one with the creature.