Ritual – Middle Sky Boom Remix (Part 2)

Released 07/03/2016 on Amsterdam’s ever growing Night Noise label.

Who is Middle Sky Boom? Josef Laimon, Tel-Aviv. In his own words, a space poet and speechless dreamer. Part of the Night Noise family but also released on Join Our club, Days of Being Wild and Eskimo Recordings. He’s a real upcoming talent who we’re expecting to see much more of in the coming years. This particular track, has already been played on BBC Radio 6 by Nemone and supported by many of the worlds top DJ’s.


EP Review ( Part 2 of 4 )

The scene shows four images looking at each other. Each side of the crystal claiming to be the source of the reflection. Some affirm neither of them are real, others prefer them as analogies of the conscious-subconscious dichotomy. Who knows, actually, whether the mighty divinity finds them equal. At the end, who’ll be there to judge?

Ritual – Middle Sky Boom Remix

The voice of the golem, the forbidden homunculus, triggers a sequence. The quest for the occult by the meaning of charts that hold no cues, no direction, no goal, for there is no end. The rising of the madman on the court, the seizing of power within the circus of life, the crowning of the mad-king and the procession of his folk as an ode to the splendour of him who rules, the man foe of reason, him who fears not.