PREMIERE – Undo & Casiowaves – Our World (Factor City)

Solder your circuits, tighten your wires and de-rust those nuts and bolts: Catalonian pairing Undo & Casiowaves follow up their recent Asimov inspired release on Melodize with more futurist missives, this time on Undo’s Factor City imprint.

Four conceptual pieces deep; all laced with yearning, probing and philosophical roboticised vocals, this EP sings to the head and heart just as much as it sings to the dancefloor. Each track delivered with their signature high energy, unrelenting synth disco sound, the EP takes us through a highly plausible vision of AI robots designed to keep the peace… But ending up on a planet creating their own community lightyears away.

Sitting somewhere between Daft Punk, Metro Area, Black Strobe and Jori Hulkkonen but articulated with a unique sound and style the duo have made their own, vibes range from the up-tempo fast-lane cosmicity of ‘Our World’ to the more introspective thoughts of the title track ’10,000 Pieces Of Metal’.

Release Date – 10/07/22

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