PREMIERE – Elia & Elizabeth x Franc Moody – Alegria (Franc Moody Remix) (Mushroom Pillow)

Swinging, danceable, sensual and rhythmic. Mushroom Pillow proudly brings Latin American music from the 60s-80s back to life with the exciting Relatin project. A meeting at the crossroads of tradition and modernity, resulting in a fresh, global sound that puts music from the Latin American continent on the map – for all ages to enjoy.

Relatin is focused on highlighting the originals of music that, in many cases, has historically gone unnoticed in the global music industry. Cuban, Brazillian and Argentinean music has found its way into the world, but it seems that the music from the rest of the latin world is yet to be discovered. It’s a universe that remains to be explored – and so Mushroom Pillow decided to showcase it.

Mushroom Pillow is an independent company based on creativity and pop culture, isn’t stuck to a particular sound. Their discography is a melting pot of styles, and genre-bending originals seem to be the benchmark of the label, which celebrated its 20 year anniversary last year. They’re kicking off 2022 dancing, to the feel-good sounds of Relatin.

Release Date: 10/06/2022

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