PREMIERE – Club Tularosa – A Postcard From Israel (New Day Everyday)

New Day Everyday is handling the hot flames of the coming summer with this new ‘cold as ice’, ‘hard as
a rock’, ‘don’t-tell-your-mother’ piece of a compilation.

Starts off in a wine cellar of some old mansion in east Germany and crawling over the light to a kinky
beach in Spain, back to the dirty streets of Tel-Aviv. This diverse compilation has it all.  Featuring  friends of the labels, familiar names and upcoming local talents in our scene…. namely Skelesys, Alvaro Cabana, Club Tularosa, Eliezer & Niv Ast, Daweed, Alt Control, Accent, Sharoo, Dos Locos and Martin Magal.

Release Date – 24/06/22

Grab your copy here