PREMIERE – Thomass Jackson -Cowbells & Temples (Man Power Remix) (Feines Tier)

Emanating from Argentina and now residing in Mexico, Thomass has been long in the game and has produced music for Multi Culti, Correspondent, Gomma, La dame Noir records, Electrique Music, Souvenir Music and many more! Aside from being a producer he also runs the eclectic Calypso records.

This time, in a quest to reinterpret his childhood rave days into a musical story, he has taken the old fashioned elements he still likes and takes them to new directions. Fueled by gated chords, dreamy arpeggios, trippy vocals, and percussions these tracks are destined to take you back into the past and bring you right back to the present. We have chosen Man power’s unconventional approach of this EP’s lead track “Cowbells and Temples” which will be released by Feines tier.

Release Date: 12/07/2019 (Vinyl) & 26/07/2019 (Digital)

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