PREMIERE – Komodo – Slow Burning (Latrec Remix) (Not an Animal Records)

Back a the B side, Komodo aptly names the track “Slow burning” with blissful countermelodies that intertwine with arpeggiated synths, sludgy 303’s and propulsive drums that create a hypnotic timbre. This dance floor absurdity is taken from Komodo’s upcoming release “Running Into The Sun” for “Not an animal” records which was born from the party debris left uncleaned from London’s infamous Bad Passion parties, originally ran by Chris Stoker and Andy Bainbridge.

Our pick from this release is Latrec’s interpretation of “Slow running” adding their intrusive Techno remix with a sub-bass driveline that completes this quintessential release.

Release Date: 15/07/2019

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