PREMIERE – Elias Deepman – Amethyst (Buen Clima Remix) (UCOR)

Madrid label United Colors Of Rhythm is ran by Chilean Fernanda Arrau. There latest offering is an EP from fellow countryman Elias Deepman.

Elías Vásquez aka Elias Deepman has been a key figure in the development of the underground scene in Santiago, Chile. It would be tempting to say it was with the creation of Panal Records, just over three years ago. But that would be to downplay a path that began 12 years ago, playing electronic music from different styles. It is this path that has helped to define the eclecticism not only of his own artistic output but also that of his record label. In the relatively short time since it launched, there have been 35 releases from different parts of the world.

Here in his fifth official release he shows the accumulated musical influence of his career. Moving away from the power, speed and directness of his previous work, Deepman experiments for the first time under 120 BPM, testing bass lines with more groove, longer leads and more sensitive emotions, without of course leaving aside the invitation to dance.

Closing the EP is this classy remix from fellow Chilean Buen Clima.

Release Date – 15/07/19

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