PREMIERE – Switch dance + Rina – Reak (Duro Label)

Duro is honored to present the birth of the “Baba” brotherhood. During the last pandemic year, Rina traveled from Tel Aviv to Portugal, where he met Switchdance. After some trips around the beautiful city of Lisbon, plates and plates of hummus and samosa, a visit to pick up raspberries at a field that used to be a medicinal cannabis farm and lots of hours in Switchdance’s studio, ‘Baba Music Vol. 1’ was alive.

The journey initiates with “Reak” or “empty” in Hebrew; the cut refers to a state of consciousness where there is nothing in the brain. Playful percussion, acid basslines mixed with digitally distorted synthesizers create the sensation of breaking out reality, an experience blended with algorithms, binary codes and atomized sounds where it is hard to distinguish the realness. A roar to all the Babas around the world to gather on the dance floor.

Next comes the Hebrew version of “Give Way”,a cut that narrates the moment when you are in a high state of mind and try to describe the process to get back to reality. On this first version Rina takes control of the vocals. It’s followed by the Portuguese version where the duo worked with vocalist Abrão. An alternative version with deep and resonant bass, a synthesized voice, electric and acid melodies, and distant pads run through.

Release Date: 19/11/2021

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