PREMIERE – Aural Trace ‘Expectations’ (Cabizbajo’s Para Siempre Remix) (Play Pal Music)

After his appearance on compilation Pals Volume 5 earlier this year, Chilean, talented producer Aural Trace aka Manuel Ortuzar, returns to Play Pal with ‘Die Blaue Stunde’, stepping aside from his work with production duo Random Atlas, to release an EP that examines themes which stretch from late night anxieties to metamorphosis and change.

Title track, ‘Die Blaue Stunde’ and ‘Expectations’ both navigate a high tempo route straight through the aural receptors into the centre of the imagination, with a magic that Manuel is fast becoming known for, while ‘TransmutacioĢn’ treads a slower, more serene, yet tension laden path.

The three original tracks are complimented by remixes direct from the minds of Play Pal’s dearest, with Niv Ast ramping ‘Die Blaue Stunde’ way up the pH scale, Cabizbajo, hot-wiring ‘Expectations’ before taking it on a joyride through the peak time hours and Play Pal’s head honcho Teniente Castillo’s reimagining of ‘TransmutacioĢn’, which adds an ethereal yet driving quality to the proceedings, keeping pace with the original while warping it into a different kind of beast.

Release Date : 03/12/2021

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