PREMIERE – Machinegewehr – Antimaterie (Melopee)

Here is the second compilation OWL, including some Nu Italo gems by 4 talentuous artists.

The wellknown Kid Machine joins the label with a perfect track to uplift a crowd. He brings the 80’s back to life with a journey through the stars…

The Milanese duet Forklift & Saw, in love with vintage hardware, like to call their music Regressive disco, a different way to speak about Nu Italo. That track is perfect for going on the road or sharing a good time on the beach in Italy…

Machinegewehr, an amazing & complete artist (painter, musician, dj,…), send us a wonderful Cosmic Italo sound ! It’s 3AM and now, it’s time to unify and move forward in the same direction. Close your eyes and go far away…

Finally, the duet Los Pollos Hermanos (Myrddin & Red Fish, founders of the label) produces a music cutted to dance until the end of the night. A catchy, powerful and uncompromising Nu Italo rhythm !

Release Date: 01/12/2021

Grab your copy here