PREMIERE – Moscoman – Best Trance (Disco Halal)

Moscoman makes a welcome return to his Disco Halal imprint on March 29th with ‘Wait’, a mighty two tracker, available in both digital and vinyl format. The trailblazing producer and DJ hailed for his innovative soundscapes and genre-defying compositions doesn’t hold back with his latest EP, as the Israeli artist unleashes two harditting dancefloor cuts.

“The Wait is over, exactly A year after my last EP, I invite you to WAIT some more!” Moscoman

A feeling of urgency flows throughout the EP, with title track ‘Wait’ igniting a sense of deep emotion. The track ebbs and flows from moments of calm to primal chants that puncture an all encompassing bassline. ‘Best Trance’ is a stone cold belter ready to captivate the listener as it draws you into its rhythmic embrace and pulsating energy. With both tracks Moscoman creates an euphoric ride through pulsating rhythms and atmospheric textures that reaches deep into your soul, stirring up a whirlwind of emotions.

Moscoman is known for his eclectic style that blends various genres such as techno, house, disco, and new wave, gaining prominence in the international electronic music scene with his unique sound and energetic live performances. His musical style is characterised by its adventurousness, blending diverse influences to create something fresh and distinctive in the electronic music landscape. Whether he’s producing original tracks, remixing other artists, or performing live DJ sets, Moscoman consistently pushes boundaries and surprises listeners with his innovative approach to music-making.

The Wait by Moscoman
Longing hours, like shadows stretched, Anticipation, tightly clenched. But dawn has broken, light appears, Washing away all lingering fears. The wait is over, dreams take flight, Embrace the day, and hold it tight.

Release Date: 29/03/2024