PREMIRE – Laion – Conquest of Happiness (Club Mackan)

We are please to have Club Mackan back at Sinchi with Laoin taking the artistic lead with this release.

While this may be the debut release for the alias Laion, it’s not actually the first or even second release on Club Mackan by this Amsterdam based producer. Lionel aka Laion is one of the brains behind thePhilosophica who we’ve seen on the label with their hit “Grandma Jam” (as part of our first VA) and their acid take on Marcus Christiansen’s track “The Adventurer”.

This time Laion decided to show up to the party alone, showcasing his fantastic talent for melodies and spicy arrangements with three original tracks. Whether it’s acid or piano house masquerading as italo or a combination of the two, you’ll find it here. And while we play dress up. We also have three very talented remixers, each bringing their own costume to the party. Let’s say hi to Bubs, Pianopoli and Sex Kino.

If you know Bubs, you know that this guy likes disco, italo, trance and eurodance. And what better way than to dress up Conquest Of Happiness in a rather fashionable, but subtle eurodance styling? That’s exactly what we get here, but still very much attached to the 80s.

As for King Day, the Belgian producer Pianopoli opted for a bit of attitude to his fresh new look while still remaining true to the original, still very much inspired by the 80s and 90s. However, not much for following rules, he brought his whole entourage of signature pads to the party despite the invitation saying +1.

When you’re at a party, there is always that guy or couple who stands out from the rest. Whether good or bad, that’s up for you to decide. But guess which one showed up like that to our party? You guessed right. Sex Kino has absolutely no regard for dress codes and we love that! They enter with raw determination and a bit of flair. This hypnotic robotic acid trance take on Virtues Of Idleness will make you forget everyone else at the party.

Now, let’s dance!

Release Date: 28/03/2024

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