PREMIERE – Corben – Make It Move (MM Discos)

It’s a pleasure for us to present one of the most awaited albums of the MM Saturns saga, a record on which we have been working for almost 3 years, and it finally sees the light.

CORBEN introduces us to “Peachland,” an introspective retro-futuristic journey where early electro and downtempo go hand in hand in order to create a cybernetic vision of the ’80s subculture. It’s like an inner spaceship that immerses you in infinite space, allowing you to reach unknown universes.

Pure no-wave nostalgia filled with contagious vocoders and hypnotic synthesizers that shape a dreamlike and unsettling landscape, in which Corben shows us what could be the most sentimental and human side of an imaginary and futuristic artificial intelligence.

Release Date: 03/05/2024