PREMIERE – Lucia Luna – Origami (Occultists)

Occultists invites you to join in on an exclusive awakening of the unknown with a fresh new compilation to kick off the second year of the label. Book of Shadows: Various Spells Vol. 2 features six tracks from this mystical collective. Showcasing music from some familiar names the label also introduces four new additions to their growing circle.

The EP takes the listener through a dark and whimsical journey with tracks from James Demon, F600, Jasmine Infiniti (who has already featured on the Boiler Room with a Resident Advisor Mix of the Day a while back)), Mystic Future (who is in fact Yannick Robyns), Lucia Luna, and Amber Cox (one half of SLUMBER with Oona Dahl). This time around the EP features an equal balance of feminine and masculine energy with musical genres spanning from techno to ambient that truly has something for everyone

Lucia Luna is a progressive vocalist and electronic musician. Through ‘Origami’ she channels ethereal melodies and spellbinding synthesis through voice, keys and creative sound manipulation. Composing through temper, creating texture with shrill sounds and hollow layers, her moods hit the listener with elation, despair, and discernment of the subtleties between.

Release Date – 06/07/18

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