PREMIERE – Bad Wolf – Esta Noche (Ricardo Ruben Remix) (Controlla)

Hypnotic sounds and dark atmospheres surround this 2nd EP on Controlla by Mexican producer,dj  & resident of Deck in Toluca – Jorge Melgar A.k.a. BadWolf.

‘Esta Noche’ is a slow dark theme with voices and sounds that create the perfect atmosphere to get into the EP, whilst the 2nd track “Abismal” ups the energy with heavy synths and a mix of disco and techno, focused on dance floors during peak hours.

On to the remixes, Palomo takes the title track and adds acid sounds and hypnotic voices accompanied by retro synthesizers and night distortions, Alvee, gives a more industrial approach to “Abismal”, changing the aesthetic but conserving the magic.

Finally Ricardo Rubén, closes  the EP perfectly focusing on the voices which transport you into other worlds. His sound synthesised in a mixture between the experimental and intensity of rock orchestrated with virtual instruments and analogs such as the Pulser Synth Drum and the TB03.

Release Date – 07/18

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