PREMIERE – Buran – Mintaka (Insult to Injury)

Ransom Note Records sub label Insult To Injury are delighted to welcome back analogue techno pioneers Buran with their second full length excursion for the label, in the form of The Hunter EP. Born of the mechanical machinations of Joe Wretham and Ian Scott, their latest instalment of furious face melters is aimed squarely at the post midnight dancefloor, bubbling away with squelchy 303 potions and black magic beats. First single, Alnitak, opens the EP and immediately we’re confronted with Buran’s inimitable modus operandi; slash and burn Acid Techno with a scorched earth ethos. A full frontal assault of acidic sorcery, lobbing techno bangers over the ramparts as the castle walls are pummelled. Hold onto your hats, it’s not for the faint of heart! Alnilam is next out the gate, ricocheting off the armour plating of its enemies, bouncing along and razing everything in its path to the ground. We’re delivered brief respite from the brutality with the addition of some celestial vocal edits, whose angelic timbres provide juxtaposition to the synthetic onslaught. As the smoke clears, the penultimate Mintaka glides into view. Wonderfully barbed, but gloriously lush chords propel the track forward, over a bed over automaton drum machines and staccato blips, bleeps and swirling noise. Rounding off, ITI are hyped to have the mighty Void Complet on remix duties. Fresh off the back of his breakthrough release on CHOBU Records, London based super producer Chog Burley takes Alnitak and reimagines it in his own image. Launching with a rich, metallic arpeggio, we’re drawn into an analogue dream, before realising that’s all a ruse. We have been lulled into a false sense of security, because we’re about to be clattered around the head by that savage 303 riff from the original. We’re caught in the crossfire as glitched vocals and bit crushed acid lines vie for dominance. This correspondent knows not how to fully encapsulate the terror of this remix… watch out dance floors around the world!

Release Date: 10/04/2024