PREMIERE – Jëan Fixx – Serial Killer (Iptamenos Discos)

Iptamenos Discos welcome Spanish DJ, performer and electronic music producer, Jëan Fixx with his new single ‘Serial Killer’ which will be released digitally on July 3rd, 2024. Jëan Fixx is the musical alias of Félix Fernández whose artistic approach envelops themes of societal, political, and environmental reflections. His music is not restricted to one genre and finds the right balance between techno, synth wave, dark disco, electro, and downtempo. He recently played live sets in Spain at venues like Sala Black and Mondo Club after performing festivals such as Fanzine Fest & Senda Fest throughout the winter of 2023. His past releases got airplay on prestigious radio programs such as “Paralelo 3” and “Fluido Rosa” on Spanish Radio 3 and he has collaborated with like-minded artists like Lefrenk, Ed Empty, Dr. Juhh, Rubeck, and Drow. Félix’s Iptamenos Discos debut ‘Serial Killer’ uses elements of fast paced techno and reverberated percussive samples from soundscapes that reflect industrial environments. The punchy kick is matched by eerie vocals that correlate with the tracks theme of serial killers. Sitting in the high frequency space above the drums are the arpeggiated and sweeping synths which create hypnotic features for the listener and add a sense of movement to the track. The multi-talented artist, inspired by the slasher film genre, also presents us with a fast-paced, self- directed fiction music video for the song in which he portrays himself as a very peculiar serial killer who changes his physical appearance to avoid capture and disposes of his victims’ bodies by torching cars and faking traffic accidents.

Release Date: 03/07/2024