MINITEL label debut with Amarcord

Minitel are delighted to welcome Amacord to their newly fledged label. This represents an exciting new chapter for the platform that has been serving up some of the best underground music on its channel, over the last 4 years.

Amarcord aka Marco Catapano is an Italian producer, DJ and live performer. His music – floating in a realm between romantic lullabies and dark atmospheres – translates a deep love for the sounds of the past such as New Wave, Post-Punk and Krautrock, reinvented through the perspective of electronic and dance music modern waves.

Also a cinema lover, his EP “Sacrificio” tells a fantastic two-act story.

The EP’s first act “Sacrificio” is a track where powerful bass lines intertwine with a killer kick, trance synth tones and melodic layers enhanced by Marco’s voice, giving it some dramatic yet harmonious tension.

The second and final act “See Them Go” is a splendid Indie-Pop ballad with an airy New Wave influence. It’s a happy ending in a very different style than Sacrificio’s, showing Marco’s wide range of creativity.

Release Date  – 24/06/24