PREMIERE – Calystarr – Deep_Mirror (Osccurate Remix) (Club Mackan)

We’re putting our hyperdrives into overdrive, and as we move at the speed of light, the world around us appears to be slowing down. Life is now moving at a pace which gives us enough time to present the next Club Mackan release before we arrive at our destination. We welcome Spanish Calystarr with his Overdrive EP! And along for the ride we have two familiar faces, Kay-Chi and Osccurate. Just like the world appears to be slowing down when we move faster, the playful arpeggios in Overdrive, combined with the guitar sounding synthesizers, as well as the pads will make you slow down and appreciate the journey ahead. This title track is very much a spacey soundtrack. Deep Mirror moves at a different pace. We appear to be moving faster, but we’re still very much in space. A steady beat with a pulsating bassline, decorated with haunting atmospheres that mix with majestic pads and cosmic soundscapes. If the original Overdrive moved at a pace which made the world around us slow down, then the remix by Kay-Chi does the opposite. With added intensity, it now appears that the world is moving faster, and perhaps catered slightly more towards a peak-time dancefloor. Osccurate picked out the essence of Deep Mirror and turned it into something primal. Imagine landing on a dark, rocky and desolate planet, only to discover that it’s far from desolate. Now you’re being chased by the most vicious of predators and your pulse is racing. Good luck with that!

Release Date: 18/07/2024