PREMIERE – Ian Vale – Many Times (Paisley Dark Records)

After Ian’s successful debut with “Loft Music” in 2022, he returns to Paisley Dark Records with his latest work, “Many Times.” This time, Ian’s music takes a new direction, guiding listeners from the airy heights of the glass roof loft to the atmospheric depths of the basement, where smoke and lasers create a mesmerising ambiance. The tracks are characterized by relentless four-to-the- floor kicks and shimmering arpeggios, aimed at inspiring movement in the hips.
In essence, “Many Times” serves as a testament to Ian’s versatility and skill as a producer. It showcases his ability to captivate listeners with a dynamic range of sounds and atmospheres.
With this release, Ian continues to establish himself as an artist who is pushing boundaries and
leaving a lasting impression on the electronic music scene.

Release Date: 30/05/2024