PREMIERE – – Restart (Club Mackan)

Let us present: A Retro Futuristic Collage Vol. 2

It’s been approximately one year since our first retro futuristic compilation was released, and as we’ve moved further into the future, it appears we’ve come closer to the 90s, if not even ventured a tiny bit into the 00s. We might even be in the present, if not even the future. Somehow, with one foot still in the 80s.

As our universes collide, it’s hard to tell what is what. Whether you think this is a futuristic take on Eurodance with an 80s twist, Italo Body or Trance, that is totally up to you. You might even throw in a few other musical universes too. Is it EBM, Dark Disco or Indie Dance? We don’t know and we don’t judge you for deciding.