PREMIERE – Pvlomo – Infraworld (Darkroom Dubs)

After featuring on our recent twentieth-anniversary compilation, we are delighted to welcome back Mexican DJ, audio sculptor and Controlla label head-honcho Pvlomo to Darkroom Dubs, who guides us through a rich, sonic escapade deep into his metaphysical realm of frequency vibration. A commanding kick drum and a luscious, pulsating bass tone lay the foundations for Infra world – a voyage through a multiverse of celestial soundscapes. A relentless vortex of hypnotising synths surge and recede, propelling you through a prismatic wormhole rich with electronic sounds and textures, leaving you captivated and spellbound. Fellow Mexican and rising electronic music star Jorge Melgar, aka Badwolf, is on remix duties for Ritmo Son, with an atmospheric reinterpretation of the original. A deep pounding kick and dense resonances keep you focused through a murky landscape, eventually unveiling a clearing awash with shimmering, reverberant voices. Then, intoxicating voices evoke the sensation that you are effortlessly floating on a bottomless silvery lake before they suddenly dissipate and plunge you back into the depths of the darkness. The same hypnotic and disorienting voices orbit around your head in the original mix of Ritmo Son, engulfing you in auditory disarray. This time, glitchy, crunchy, slightly off-kilter percussion provides the only sound to anchor yourself amidst the whirlwind of whispers. A precise and forceful bass and a gritty, gravelly acid line give the track a raw, unbridled power, perfect for late-night action on a smoky dance floor bathed only in strobe lights. Deep, acidic and psychedelic, yet with a techno edginess – this release will only enhance Pvlomo’s growing reputation within electronic music.

Release Date: 31/05/2024