PREMIERE – Alejandro Molinari – Gargantua (Nein Records)

Behold! And experience the Immaculate Power of Ages, imbued into this lethal weapon I’m carrying, inherited from a Lineage of Giants!
Resist! And you SHALL feel my WRATH!”

“For the love of God, Peter!
Could you do me a real big favour and go practice your fire spinning some place else? Jeez!”


I’ve been having lots of fun this morning with the 2nd single on Alejandro Molinari’s Gargantua EP on Nein Records: four amazing original tracks, from sleazy low slung house to full on dark techno.
One standing out: title track Gargantua, motivating me to exercise my trance dance moves with its alarming synths during the early hours.
I like.

Release date – 02/02/18

Text by Kiki Toao