Avenue End – AWITW Remix

Meet Nicolas Bernard (Aka AWITW – A walk in the Woods) ; Hailing from Nantes, France. Nicolas is a classically trained musician with a love for electronica and especially the music of fellow countrymen Laurent Garnier and Daft Punk. He has created a unique sound and brand for himself and released his debut EP on Night Noise Label in the summer of 2015.The ep was supported by a who’s who of DJ’s and received great reviews in the press.

Track Review

The leash that controls the beast has been severed and we find ourselves dazzled by a psychedelic wind. The pans had become more extreme and playful. The sound has fluctuated, morphed, adapted to the new landscape, as if the piece would’ve been pilled layer by layer to its rawer existence, founded on the angular stone of its essence, thus becoming untamed, wild, instinctive.