Agharo 11 – Margee (Aerud -Enemies)

The Agharo Mix Series

Agharo is a language, book, philosophy and tarot deck created by collective member Jaco Perroud. Each month we invite a guest to pick a card at random and create a mix inspired by its meaning.

Our 11th submission comes from French artist and now Amsterdam resident Margee.


Margee is a musical project by Alexandre Gimard. Since separating in March 2020 from the duo RAMMÖ with which he has devoted his last 4 years to playing from festival to festival (WECANDANCE, Wonderfruit, Afrikaburn, Gardens of Babylon), Margee is  now focusing on quite varied productions: his latest “Rework” by Daniel Norgren released on Klassified, as well as another creation planned on the Music For Dreams label this month. Apart from editing tacks he loves, Alex is planning a darker release on a Brazilian label soon.

The Card

Enemies represent the necessary opposites. They are the contrast giving light to the contraries. There is no good without evil or light without darkness. There is no war without opponents, without clashing forces. The enemies gives a reason to the spirit, move the will, incite the strive to go from one state to another. They are the obstacles, the teaching. ‘Here my foes, wait for me, I shall come to you, I’ve been waiting.’

What was the thinking behind this mix?

Enemies have appeared in my life in different forms: in an obvious ways contradicting all my personal beliefs and values, or disguised, making it more difficult to identify them. In each case, recognising my enemies always gave me the opportunity and the necessity to take a step back. By doing so it helped me discover a little bit more of who I was (personally and musically) and emphasize on the most important things in my life, in order to distinguish myself from my enemies .

I have put together a selection of darker and mellow tracks in the beginning that, to me, illustrate this process: standing in front of an obstacle and grieving the fact that things are about to change. Then I wanted to express the joy and excitement of going from one state to another with more groovy notes and a more emotional end to express the realisation that if in the end, you give so much importance to your enemies, it’s because you also have a lot in common with them.