Agharo 13 – Mikael Berggren (Kioreta – Strenght)

The Agharo Mix Series

Agharo is a language, book, philosophy and tarot deck created by collective member Jaco Perroud. Each month we invite a guest to pick a card at random and create a mix inspired by its meaning.

Our 13th submission comes from Mikael Berggren.

The Card
This cards belongs to one the four Erehan cards (Pillars of the Light)
Erehan was the shield owned by Gibrel –incarnation of the god of Light– in which his will, was infused. At the top and bottom ends of the shield strips of fabric crown two capitals inscriptions from the philosophy of Light. The first, on the top, reads: unat kine temu, muten fal ( ), meaning to ever reborn, and never fall. The second, on the bottom, reads: ata kintel sirev teeket ( ), which in our language means fate has been written. It has inherent relationship with the doctrine of Elix fates.

About the card

Kioreta-Strenght represents the power and strength of the warrior, but also the inner strength, that of the spirit, of the soul, that clears the path of the will. The snake is the symbol of trickery , for the strength is not innocent neither naive.

What was the thinking behind this mix?

Strength was the natural card for for me. Last few years was all about strength for me and my inner strength has been tested over and over again.
Strength is such an inhabitant in all of us, we find it everywhere in all things. We are exposed to situations in life that gives us opportunities to grow and get stronger each time time we choose to take on the challenge. It might be tempting to choose an easy path but by challenging yourself your world will expand.

I wanted to transfer that feeling and pick tracks which represent that build up moment when you feel that power raising from within.