Agharo 10 – Daniel Monaco (Elerion-Temperance)

The Agharo Mix Series

Agharo is a language, book, philosophy and tarot deck created by collective member Jaco Perroud. Each month we invite a guest to pick a card at random and create a mix inspired by its meaning.

Our 10th submission comes from Italian born, Amsterdam resident and cosmic traveller Daniel Monaco.

The Card

Elerion-Temperance –  It accompanies the noble man to aid him in his way. It signifies peace in battle and between the interaction of beings. Dims down desperation and waves the will towards the Light. It helps the soul of the Querent to remain in calm. The water that was unsettled quiets down and becomes clear as a mirror.

What was the thinking behind this mix?

There is in each song almost all of them a live component, the melodies are sweet and energetic almost aggressive there are down moments and higher states just like the meaning of the card that leads man to the better state it needs before to see the dark and use positive but tremendous power to make the switch from a state to another, the mix is full with dark positive matter like an energetic wave coming from outer space.