PREMIERE – Valerj – The Others (Damon Jee & Ravintsara Remix) (From disco to disko)

Some say that by trying to do different things, you end up doing the same thing as others. Others say that it’s by trying to be someone else that you become yourself. Playlisted in February by Jennifer Cardini in her “Essential mix”, the legendary BBC programme, “The Others”, an unbridled discoid turbine, is released on “From disco to disko” in July in an EP that inaugurates the revival of the small Corsican label.

On the “B” side, Damon Jee & Ravintsara provide a typically dark remix with an enigmatic vocal opening new perspectives. In the realm of standardisation, of uniformity, “The Others” could be the EP to play this summer, your EP… or maybe someone else’s.

Release Date – 15/07/22

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