PREMIERE – Tegel Boys – Simple Cat (W.P.S. RMX) (True Blue Music)

Simple Cat (Original Mix) is an all out statement of intent from this new constellation of Berlin veterans, Tegel Boys, a collective of rock ā€˜nā€™ roll disco dons, studio cats, and acid-rave aficionados delivering a distinct sound distilled from their deep and diverse connections as players and producer-collaborators in acoustic and electronic adventures past. (Hazy Pockets, FJAAK, Hauschka, White Denim). Tegel Boys are dedicated proponents of live acid disco, 303-melt, electric guitar drive, dada-bongo bounce married to deep-digging dusty-sampledelics. This debut track is a sprawling march out into the apocalyptic desert, sprinkled with cult-cowboy samples, a knowing wink to epic dancefloor sunset rides past, a crisp swagger into the future. The eight-minute debut is equal parts razor-sharp, crisp electro mechanics, muscular bass pulse, sinewy electric guitar, subtle synths, and the live juggernaut drums from acclaimed muzo Alican Tezer (Insanlar with Baris K etc. and other Turkish psychedelic giants).

Release Date: 13/07/2022

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