PREMIERE – Diguital Trip & Ecotono – Trojica Saputnika (Feat. Makuyeika) (Camel Riders)

Camel Riders latest release focuses on a Latin-American electronic sound – ‘Tribu Ancestral -Compiled by David Madrid’. This  compilation displays 29 musical stories that tribute Pre-Columbian and post-colonial tribes across South-Central America, crafted with a futuristic & flexible approach by a beautiful team of artists deriving from 18 different countries on planet earth.

Supported with unique artwork from Tel Aviv-based artist Alyona Kobets a.k.a Eyes & Scissors, who works with her scissors to create endless stories with the use of existing materials extracted from books & magazines. This raw composition gives a glance at the pagan ancient beliefs of Latin American tribes and their advanced astrological aspirations.

At the center, we can see a symbol of Pre-Columbian human creation connected to the ‘Latin heart’. The welcoming wooden hand displays the symbiosis that took place between humans and nature, while the majestic jaguar reminds us that he is the true ruler of the continent. For Amazonian natives, the jaguar is everything: The power, the energy of nature, the god of fertilization, and the ruler of the two worlds; Night & Day. The planets around are symbols of their observations of the movement of the earth, while the sacred animals represent some of the astrological signs in Tribal cultures.

Today’s premiere and our pick from the comp, comes courtesy of a collaboration between Diguital Trip, Ecotono and Makuyeika. Enjoy.

Release Date –  14/01/2021

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