PREMIERE – Invōker – My Last Sunrise (Sum Over Histories)

Sum Over Histories releases Part 3 of their Path Integral IV EP series, with tracks from Invōker and Skatman. The latest EP continues the series’ exploration of the versatility of dance music and its ability to transport and transform.

Hailing from Paris, Invōker’s opening track ‘My Last Sunrise’ whisks the listener away on a synth-filled soundscape. It’s one of four pieces the artist wrote on piano during first lockdown, and is built on a search for deeper meaning within melodic music through a reconnection to the artist’s acoustic roots.

Almost beatless and with percussive elements scattered throughout, Invōker’s talent lies in his ability to create storylines and movement without words. The 7 minute long creation has a subtle build with plenty of space to breathe and process. Synths and gentle percussion add tone and colour that carry us into a darker, more urgent space, with the piece ending on a note of reflection and quiet hope. With this track Invōker explores his connection to house away from the dance floor, pushing the limits and blurring the boundaries of dance music.

With their latest release, Sum Over Histories once again celebrates the ever-evolving versatility of melodic house and techno. The aim of the label, launched by Frankey & Sandrino, is to promote thought-provoking and intelligent dance music from producers and artists around the world, all woven together through ethereal and transportive music.

 “This EP will whisk the listener away to another realm. Invōker and Skatman produce strong, optimistic imagery, connecting the listener with their own personal histories and creating uplifting and thoughtful tracks. Their work makes a welcome escape from a challenging year.” Sandrino

Release Date: – 08/01/2021