Sinchi & Friends 85 – Jennifer Touch

Next up in the Sinchi series is the brilliant Jennifer Touch. An accomplished musician, Jenn dj’s, produces and plays live.  This year her ‘Chemistry’EP received critical acclaim and there is much more to come, as you can read in her interview below. We’ve been big fans for some time and Jenn will also be playing for Sinchi at Wilde Renate on January 17th alongside Autarkic and Pletnev.

1) Introduce yourself?

I´m Jennifer Touch, a German musician and DJ.

2) What have been your highlights from the last 12 months?

I recently started my collaboration with Fat Cat Records UK, which means that I will release my next albums there. It’s very exciting for me as they work in the English music market and my music has the chance to reach a wider audience. I love England and its music history, so it’s just super cool to have my label there. I will continue to work with my friends from Riotvan and Dred Records, it’s a good label mix.

3) What do you have lined up for the coming year?

Releasing my first full album. Play more shows. Be happy.


4) Which track in the mix is your favourite right now?

I love all of them. But „Akou“ by Skoov is cool as fuck.

5) What is your favourite track of the last 12 months?

Any song my niece is singing and performing in the car.

6) What is the last record you bought?

Various Rats (Rat Life Records)

7) Whats your number 1 go to track of all time?

Ice machine – Depeche Mode

8) Who or what are your biggest musical influences?

Depeche Mode, Karat, Neu!, Sonic Youth, Pj Harvey, The KLF, the sea, me

9) Tell us about 3 DJ’s / Producer’s we may not know but should be looking out for?

Tony Price (Maximum Exposure)

No work all play (Good Guy Mikesh & Reznik)

Void Vision (Mannequin)

Tobin Prinz (DFA Records)

10) What is your favourite Venue or Festival to play at and why?

Dekmantel Festival. Coolest Acts. Weirdest Music.


11) Do you have a ritual before you start playing or straight after?

If possible: Sleep and a Gin.

12) What is your favourite bit of kit? (Music production)

Any Synth i can get (give me the Waldorf Wave), messing around with that, a mic, Ableton and an audio interface to record the stuff. An amp to modulate the sounds. Delay, Reverb. Coffee.

13) What is your favourite film score?

Twin Peaks

14) What is your dream destination?

The moon

15) What makes you smile?

The moon. Synths