Sinchi & Friends 68 – Pletnev

We’re very happy to feature the fantastic Pletnev as our final mix of the year. As a producer we’ve been following for some time, we are predicting even bigger things ahead. He is also a member of the Sinchi DJ collective, so expect to see him playing at Sinchi events next year. Hear more about his love for discount Mango’s and some of the exciting things coming up  below.


1) Who are you?

My name is Alex or Aleksandr (btw most popular name on a planet). Im Russian but am living in Vilnius, Lithuania for 4 years. Bipolar, hate winter, love to drink.

2) What have been your highlights from the last 12 months?

Recently I bought a good mango for 1 eurO. If I have to go back a bit further – I finished my album including great collaborations with Abrao, Otto and many more (but not sure you will hear it for the next two years).

3) What do you have lined up for the coming year?

Gonna continue to buy mangos if discount price freezes. But if serious – some good records are scheduled for 2018 with Le Temps Perdu, Hard Fist, Feines Tier and Multi Culti. Listening first test press just now – doesn’t sound like me, which is a good thing.


4) Which track in the mix is your favourite right now?

If you listen to tunes separately – half of them will be boring. They only work together in the right order.

But if I have to pick… my favourite is the last one – you can play it where-ever end of somewhere else.

5) What is your favourite track of the last 12 months?

Oh my, hard to answer. I have a spotify playlist, all my favs are there

6) What is the last record you bought?

I think it was this one

Expensive as hell

7) Who or what are your biggest musical influences?

Usually it is something I heard last week in SC or some party – any loop or groove might amaze me and push me to do something.

8) Do you have a ritual before you start playing or straight after?

Aha, two beers, three tequilas, club mate.

9) Tell us about 3 DJ’s / Producer’s we may not know but should be looking out for?

Vilnius trio Siaubas & each of them rocks

Also my Russian mate Panorama Channel – very talented fella

Moscow duo Odopt are cool

10) What is your favourite and or Venue / Festival to play at and why?

Love to play in Vilnius based Opium – incredible vibe, great team with good taste. Always a pleasure.


Favourite writer / scientist / painter / philosopher? Jonathan Franzen

Favourite out of genre music? Indiepop

Favourite bit of kit? Apple mouse

Secret studio / DJ trick? Name your tunes in progress like “asgsfhdhd” so when you need them you wont find.

Guilty Pleasure? Being offline

One piece of music you can’t stand? Nicki Minaj

Favourite way to unwind? a week in Spain with bottle of Vermouth in a hand

What makes you smile?