Sinchi & Friends 48 – Throne of Blood (Max Pask)

Number 48 in the Sinchi & Friends series is Mask Pask representing Throne of Blood … one of our favourite labels, with an amazing back catalog of tracks and roster of artists. In Max’s own words about the mix….’ It’s a bunch of classic boogie records. I love and stuff that I will probably never tire of. I did the mix with an old Urei rotary mixer which has no eq’s, so the mixing is very basic, sometimes I didn’t mix at all. Its about the songs’.



1) Who are you?  Hi! Max Pask here, I live in New York where I DJ, make music and help managing a label called Throne Of Blood.

2) What have been your highlights from the last 12 months? In terms of DJ gigs, the Lot radio 1st anniversary party was memorable. I did Glastonbury for the first time which was a lot of fun too. Some great memories from Marseille, Munich and Tel Aviv too.

3) What do you have lined up for the coming year? Probably more gigs and studio and label stuff.


4) Which track in the mix is your favourite right now? At the moment I’m really into Eloise Laws “Put a little love into it”. I’ve owned that record for some years but I used to be obsessed with the other side “Love goes deeper than that” but I recently rediscovered the B side.

5) What is your favourite track of the last 12 months? I don’t think it’s out yet, but its called “Ecuador” by french duo Get A Room! Its from their upcoming first album, it should be out soonish.

6) What is the last record you bought? I think it was MR Q “Love & Time” 12”. I love the B Side with the rap. I’m really into proto raps lately.

7) Who or what are your biggest musical influences? There’s many. In recent years my friend Brennan Green has been a great influence. He always tries to teach me something about music theory. I don’t remember it all but It does help me in my music making.

8) Do you have a ritual before you start playing or straight after? I empty my pockets, I hate having things in my pockets when I play. If I can I’ll nap before a gig too.

9) Who is your favourite DJ?  I don’t really have a favorite but recently I was at this small festival called sustain release and I heard some really good sets by Josey Rebelle and Powder. Helena Hauff and Avalon Emerson were also great. Marie Davidson and Aurora Halal as well. It was a really good line up all weekend.

10) Tell us about 3 DJ’s / Producer’s we may not know but should be looking out for? I know my friends Get A Room! and Leonie Pernet have their first albums coming out soon, I’m looking forward to hearing those. Sorry that’s only two.


11) Best advice for anyone coming into the scene, either as a Producer, DJ or Promoter? Don’t be an asshole.

12) Do you think there is inequality or disbalance in dance music, whether it is gender or race? What do think can be done? Of course there is. I guess what can be done about it is to include more people from all horizons on line ups. There’s too many events where the same people play everywhere these days. It feels a bit redundant. That’s why I really enjoyed Sustain release actually.

13) What’s your opinion on the importance of roots , traditions, respecting originals and sources? Should all music be open source and open to editing or do you think cultural and artistic misappropriation is an issue? I guess once you’ve released a piece of music, it’s possible someone will edit, sample or remix it. Its definitely better if the result is good and if credit is given where it’s due. But there’s something exciting about finding the original of an edit or the source of a sample. Its gotten a lot easier with the internet.

14) Due to developments in technology and software, there is so much which can be done to change a track to the tiniest detail, how much do you use this in your sets? Can too much technology be a bad thing? I use the loop function on the cdj’s a lot, but besides that i guess I’m pretty old school with my djing.


15) Favourite art besides music? I’ve watched a lot of documentaries lately

16) Favourite writer / scientist / painter / philosopher? I once saw a Gerard Richter retrospective at MOMA and it really blew my mind.

17) Favourite out of genre music? I like Robert Ashley’s music, sometimes I fall asleep listening to it.

18) Favourite film score? I really like the album the Tindersticks did for Claire Denis “trouble every day”. I went to see the show they did with a string section when they toured it after the film was released. It was really beautiful.

19) Favourite bit of kit? I’m the happy owner of an ARP 2600. Its really an amazing instrument. I constantly discover new ways to use it.

20) Secret studio / DJ trick? It’s a secret obviously

21) Guilty Pleasure? No guilt when there’s pleasure

22) One piece of music you can’t stand? I hate walking into the deli when that big hit by Journey plays. I just cant deal with this one.

23) Favourite way to unwind? I watch cartoons and fall asleep.