Sinchi & Friends 26 – Acid Washed

Number 26 in the Sinchi & Friends series is Acid Washed . A two-man process following the blueprint devised by Richard d’Alpert and Andrew Claristidge: two DJ’s keen on using modern and vintage equipment to create sophisticated electronics with a sharp pop aesthetic.


1) Who are you? I am Andrew Claristidge and I am French.

2) How would you describe your sound? Modern analog.

3) What are your plans for 2016? No plans. Always improvising! That’s my plan!


4) Which track in the mix is your favourite right now? Graf Horror Charly! 

5) What was the last record you bought? Silver Apples – Clinging to a dream 

6) What is your favourite track of the last 12 months?  John Carpenter – Vortex 


7) Late nights or early mornings? Both

8) Choice of footwear? Doc Martens

9) Baggy or slim? Slim

10) Favourite way of getting a little wonky? Whisky

11) Secret studio trick ? A secret stays a secret

12) Favourite mix of Oscillators? Korg Monopoly

13) Favourite frequency ? Low

14) Favourite writer / poet ? William S. Burroughs 

15) Favourite out of genre music? In every genre I find something great

16) Glass half full or half empty? Hall Full, I am a positive person

17) Do you fit in or fall out? Fit in… I am an easy going person… A real Chameleon.

18) What do you see when you look in the mirror ? Me & myself

19) What colour is 80 – 100 hz? Who cares…

20)  606 , 707 , 808 or 909 … Or something else ?  707

21) New piece of kit you like? PO-12 by Teenage Engineering

22) Old piece of kit you like ? SPD6

23) Trance in 2 words? Long Trip

24)  Favourite reverb ? Holygrail

25) Miley Cyrus …  No!

26) Favourite film score? Walter Carlos –  Clockwork Orange

27) Smooth or shaven? Smooth criminal

28)  Future of electronic music?  Dead like Disco

29)  Something you do differently than most people? I am doing it always better

30) Where / Is there a line between creativity and insanity? I am always creative, I am not always insane…

31) One thing you’d most like to change about the world? Honesty

32) Blissful ignorance or cruel reality? I am cruelly ignorant

33) A god(s)? None

34) If to live in a lost civilization or culture, which one would it be? Maya

35) Favourite art besides music? Literature

36)  Do you live up to your own expectations? I am ambitious

37) Critics… Yes always

38) A necessary evil… Drugs

39) How would your music have been perceived a century ago? Music out there from the future

40) How would your music be perceived a century in the future? Music out there from the past

41) Ultimate aspiration in life? HARMONY