Sinchi & Friends 24 – Denis Yurgens

Number 24 in the Sinchi & Friends Mix Series is Denis Yurgens of @44100hzsocialclub. In Denis we find a kindred spirit who constantly inspires us with the music from his 44,100 channel. Many of you will know him already, if you don’t … then you’re welcome ūüėČ Enjoy


1) Who are you? Hi, I’m Denis Yurgens

2) How would you describe your sound? – I don’t have any sound, vice versa sound having me.

3) What are your plans for 2016? – survive till 2017


4) Which track in the mix is your favourite right now? – all of them

5) What was the last record you bought? – Bawrut ‚Äď Ciquita (Moscoman Remix)


6) Late nights or early mornings? РBoth

7)¬†Choice of footwear? – I live in tropical island. so,¬† my fav type of footwear here –¬† flip flops

8)Favourite way of getting a little wonky? – Tequila

9) Favourite frequency ? – 44,100Hz

10)  Favourite writer / poet ? РDostoevsky

11) Favourite out of genre music? РGood music

12) Glass half full or half empty? РBoth

13) What colour is 80 Р100 hz? РBlue

16) A god(s)? РGaia

17) Favourite art besides music? РPainting

18) Critics… РAlways welcome, if I have them.