Sinchi & Friends 22 – Kirsty P

Number 22 in the Sinchi & Friends Mix Series comes the popular Kirsty P . We’ve been big fans of her for some time now and despite making us wait a little, we’re delighted to welcome her to the series. Known for her wide and varied track selections from her substantial vinyl collection, if you weren’t a fan before, we’re sure you will be now 🙂


1. Who are you? Hi its Kirsty P, just a lover of music and record changer

2. What is your sound? My sound is probably best described by others, I can’t explain, eclectic electronic with dark disco undertones.

3. Plans for 2016…. never plan just let things happen.


4. Favourite track of the mix? I can’t pick a favourite, they are all ace
5. Last record bought?  Psychotronischer Irrenanstalt – Mick Wills edit

6. Favourite record over the last 12 months? Probably Autarkic -Ghosts…. still love immensely


7. Late Nights or early mornings?…  Late Nights that run into early mornings then watch the sunrise

8. Choice of footwear.?…….Barefoot ideally

9. Baggy or Slim? ……. anything black 😉

10. Favourite way of getting wonky?….. uneven dancefloor

11. Glass half full or half empty? ….. I only drink from a bottle

12. Do you fit in or fall out? ….. out…I’ve never been “in” … and prefer it that way

13. What do you see when you look in the mirror? …. the candy man

14. What colour is 80-100hz? …. hmmmm Blue

15. Trance in 2 words?….. Fuck Off