PREMIERE – Darkline

Out on the 26th of August Darkline on Code Silence Records

Release including a remix from Jozef K and Winter Son.

A journey. The hectic path, the trial, leading to priceless freedom. The fast tempo, the tense beat, crown the chase as many elements in a subtle yet determined way fill the ascending arch of progression. A trivial place has been left behind and now, surrounded by the frantic collision of energies of opposed polarity, is drowned by the multiplication of the mechanical enemies, yet taken to a place of release and suspension, so the pursue earns a deeper level of motivation, transcending the superfluous. The second part of the journey finds the traveller in humble meditation, to that point of epiphany that redeems all sins. And yet the beat never ceases, mechanical and rebel remains, persistent, chasing. Maybe, we now dare to venture, because it’s both the chaser and the chase.