PREMIERE – Sex Kino – Vorsprung Durch Music (HEARec)

Stockholm based electronic music duo, Sex Kino is the New Wave and Dark Disco project by English singer, songwriter and producer James Brook (ex Pardon Moi) and Swedish artist Josefine Larsson. Forged in the forests of the Swedish archipelago, Sex Kino is at the cross-roads between Rock, Disco and Folk. delivering hypnotic rhythms suited for the dance-floor as well as the radio.

In 2019, they released their first release ‘Who Do You Love’ on Roam Recordings counting with remixes by Alejandro Molinari and Theus Mago. Sex Kino signed with HEARec and started this year with their debut single ‘We Have Ways Of Making You Dance’ .

Next up will be their ‘Scream In The City’  EP on vinyl which is being made available via a crowdfunding campaign, in which you can also access video teasers of the 3 tracks ‘Vorsprung Durch Musik’, ‘Don’t Look Back’ and ‘Something Inside of You’. 

Our pick ‘Vorsprung Durch Musik’ you can listen to here, is an energetic, feel good track which utilises the vocoder to maximum retro effect.

Take and look and ensure you get your copy reserved via the crowdfunding page here