PREMIERE – Ravage Sentimental – Michel (Kasper Bjørke) (Paradise Children)

French artist Ravage Sentimental mesmerises in her new EP ‘Michel’, which features two original tracks drenched in distant melancholy,  two Kasper Bjørke versions ready for the floor and a remix from Autarkic.

The EP is an homage brought to the artist’s brother Michel, known by some as the 90s stalwart DJ Miloch, whose music has left an indelible mark on Ravage Sentimental’s work as she soulfully croons “your shadow on my soul”.

Kasper Bjørke reinterprets the title track into two versions, a lively, melodic Vocal version which you can hear here, as well as a deeper-set, trancier Robot Version.

Release Date – 21/06/20

Grab your copy here