Rex The Dog – Sicko

A step back in time to one of our favourite of  last year (March 2015)

When talking to Jake Williams, no one should suggest or negate the existence of Rex after listening to this clear (and particular) testimony of it. 

The choice for the voice is bold and sharp, yet its progression is humble, for the sounds that at first tell no more that the “exteriority” of themselves, through repetition and organized to a certain pattern, which is that of a language, rapidly become a message being expressed. It is a piece of mature and sober structure which understands what is it conveying and doesn’t try to exhaust more resources than those needed, as proved by the wise intermission, which, opposed in nature to the front section, doesn’t weakens its predecessor and rather enhances its strength when hearing it back. As of the message itself, what to say… it could be mere babbling or proverbial truths we’re not worthy of. I’d venture a third guess: giving that he’s real, most likely a bit of both.