Flying Horse – William Earl Remix (Part 4)

Released 07/03/2016 on Amsterdam’s ever growing Night Noise label.

Who is William Earl? Highly respected upcoming talent based in London. Successful releases on acclaimed UK label Nein has already seen his fan base grow considerably. Certainly one to watch and a producer on the rise…And keep an eye out for his new track ‘Impasse’  coming soon on Regith Records


EP Review ( Part 4 of 4 )

The scene shows four images looking at each other. Each side of the crystal claiming to be the source of the reflection. Some affirm neither of them are real, others prefer them as analogies of the conscious-subconscious dichotomy. Who knows, actually, whether the mighty divinity finds them equal. At the end, who’ll be there to judge?

Flying Horse – William Earl Remix

The alchemist mixes the last compounds. The past and the future join in an impossible voice to speak of the brave man. The new generation of birds is born. Daedalus places the wings on Icarus as the voices warn him of the star, the elegant danger. Icarus wakes from his dream, the sun warmed terrible the foot of the bed in the cell that held him captive. He won’t become the promised myth, says, as the warden pushes his meal with the wooden stick.