PREMIERE – Zombies in Miami – Primitive (Roam Recordings)

The latest release on Roam Recordings comes from Mexican based rock techno fusion duo Zombies in Miami. Widely known for their deep, dark, and energetic live performances and their excellent productions on labels such as Correspondant, Cómeme, Love on The Rocks, and Hippie Dance.

In the Primitive EP featured here Zombies in Miami bring two stunning originals that offer up both the light and the dark. The title track Primitive is a fun discofied tune with floating flutes, a cut up vocal, and a bassline full of bounce.

Joining the EP is Jakarta-based artist Jonathan Kusuma who has previously released on I’m a Cliche, Love on the Rocks, Nein, and Machine Limited among others. Plus fellow Mexican dj/producer Mijo that has previously released on Correspondant, Sanfuentes, and Shara among others.

All four tracks come together to form a diverse EP that on one side is perfect to set the mood for a seance or dark club and the other for fun party vibes. The Primitive EP also marks the last EP of 2017 for Roam Recordings. Zombies in Miami, Jonathan Kusuma, and Mijo together bring a strong finish to an already big year for the label.

Release Date – 01/12/17