PREMIERE – Volta Cab – Vertical Monopoly (Avacha)

Despite the fact that Avacha is based in the northwestern administrative district of Russia, it travels far beyond. From the Far East to the outskirts of the Europe, the geography of Avacha residents is as wide as our country and the music tastes are wide, specific and heterogeneous like the landscape of the Black Earth Region, the peaks of the Urals or the bottom of Lake Baikal.

On September 19, Avacha releases the “999% HITS” compilation. 8 tracks by domestic and not very domestic producers designed to show contemporary music from Russia and its surrounding territories.

From Saint Petersburg, Volta Cab opens the VA with ethnic banger “Vertical Monopoly” which we’re looking forward to destroying some dance-floors in the (hopefully) near future.

Release Date – 19/09/20

Grab your copy here