PREMIERE – Franz Scala – Mondo Della Notte (Slow Motion)

Italian producer, DJ Maestro; Franz Scala has a knack for eighties fueled releases awash with modern sensibilities, his Italian-centric but Berlin based label Slow Motion, weaving proto-house and Italo wave together for Italian-born producers, while Wrong Era is for international artists. Here Slow Motion & Bordello A Parigi with the support of Sameheads are joining forces to release Scala’s euphoric debut Album “Mondo Della Note”, which translates to ‘World Of The Night’.

The LP leads into gorgeous synths and psychedelic-disco dips are brought forward with infectious enthusiasm on the 8-track double vinyl, with each track sitting around the 7-minute mark so as to make room for all of Scala’s retro nods. The title track is a bountiful disco wave marathon; blending heavenly vocal snippets and infectious synth lines in a bold Euro-romance dream.

Release Date –  15/10/20

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