PREMIERE – Vini Pistori ft. Abrão – Sobrevivendo o Desacordo (Calypso)

The Calypso cult keeps spreading around the world and this time they welcome Vini Pistorius and Red Axes frequent guest Abrão. The two Brazilians join forces to deliver an epic EP called “Louco & Sobrevivendo”. While Label bosses come to the rework rescue for each of the tracks. Iñigo takes “Sobrevivendo o Desacordo” and transforms it into a percussion frenzy with robotic vocals. While Thomass takes “Luoco Chama” and makes it an instant classic with a “White Horse style” bassline and acid touches that add new psychedelia to the track.

Our selection for today “Sobrevivendo o Desacordo” brings a strong modulating bass and again the epic Abrao vocals intervene for a dreamy interlude and a complete release of energy. The track is simple, leaving space for the voice but powerful enough to have a life on its own.

Release Date: 14/08/2020

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