PREMIERE – Golden Bug & In Fields – Dust (Hoga Nord Rekords)

“Golden Bug” and “In Fields” collaborate with the aim to construct this slow disco and spaced out an ambient leftfield album called ”Vibrations Métalliques” under the respected Hoga Nord Rekords. This album is the result of two persons with tons of respect for one another musically, two musicians who have been floating past and sometimes in each other’s projects for the last couple of years. Golden Bugs metallic excentricity meeting with In Fields darkness and live feel creates unpredictability and the music goes on towards an exploratory trip far away!

Our choice for today from this eccentric album is “Dust”. A modular sounding synth that is being represented in apparent randomness but when you listen closely you shall find the underlying patterns, constant feedback loops, and a self-organized melancholy.

Release date: 25/12/2019

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