PREMIERE – Valerj – Senza Tè (Nothing is Real)

Nothing Is Real is back for the release number 24 with a retro wave EP coming from the talented Corsica based dj and producer Valerj, which includes 2 stunning remixes by Roe Deers and Amarcord. Valerj’s debut solo with the title track ‘La Selva’. Thanks to the magic sounds of nature, this tune is a muscular take on dubby electronic music that gradually builds tension and suspense throughout its almost eight-minute duration. The track is followed up soon after with a brilliant remix from the mighty Lithuanian producer, Roe Deers, who brings the distorted and trippy bass to the foreground while decorating the track with additional percussions, effects and melodies. The EP’s second track ‘Senza Tè’ demonstrates Valerj’s experimental spirit, as tricked-out sequencer arp and uncanny MIDI instrumentation compete for the listener’s attention. This is a truly original and mesmerizingly unique piece of synth-pop music. The Third track ‘Frisco’ wants to confirm the Italo-fingerprint of Valerj’s productions with a main synth who drives into rolling drums, cosmic synths and ethereal voices. Finishing off the release is the body-mover ‘It’s A New Wave’ Mix of Senza Tè by Amarcord, which slowly builds a head-nodding rhythm from his typical Italo touch with punchy snares, a resonant bass wobble that bring us back to that new wave edge listeners associate with Nothing Is Real.

Release Date: 24/11/2023

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