PREMIERE – Marcus Christiansen – Blue Hour (Sound Du Jour)

The title cut of Marcus Christiansen’s ‘Blue Hour’ EP on La Mano’s Sound Du Jour cruises through nostalgic 80s soundscapes with rugged arpeggios and futuristic flair. It’s an evocative and immersive offering with its sight firmly set on the future, setting the tone for the rest of the release by blending elements of Italo, EBM, synth-wave and trance. Indie-dance legend Curses then remixes the track, stepping up as his Venice Arms alter-ego to reimagine ‘Blue Hour’. In his version, he soaks racing breakbeats with tasty acid, transforming the late-night lounge vibe of the original into pure rave euphoria. Up next, Club Mackan’s Christiansen provides us with ‘Aurora’, a track filled with gorgeous melodics and subtle percussion. While ‘Blue Hour’ occurs in neon-lit city streets, ‘Aurora’ takes things to countryside vistas and radiant sunrise skies, with Manchester fixture and El Diablo’s Social Club founder Neil Diablo then taking off on a psychedelic road trip in his take on the track. His remix features swampy prog-like synths and infectious rhythm, alongside a stripped-back beat tool primed for the dancefloor.

Release Date: 17/11/2023

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